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What Northeastern Water Conditioning LLC DBA Rainsoft Provider offers is the most comprehensive, effective, and affordable water conditioning services in Hackettstown, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We have been providing our expert and professional services for over twenty-four years, and we have developed a reputation as the very best in the business!


Northeastern Water Conditioning LLC DBA Rainsoft Provider offers a comprehensive list of water treatment services for both residential and commercial properties. We offer small, portable filtration systems for apartments and homes as well as big, conditioning systems for hotels, factories, and even hospitals. Our system installations, maintenance, and repairs will help you get the finest water for your home or business.

Our Services include...


Do you constantly have stains around the rim of your tub or your shower drain? Are you always scrubbing away at dishes and laundry to get stains out...



Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Hard water is created when your water flows through deposits of limestone, calcium, domite, chalk, and...

Water Treatment System Maintenance

Your water treatment system is much more than a luxury. Yes, it keeps your water clean and pure so you don’t have to deal with residue, stains, dry skin...

• Water Conditioning Systems
• Water Treatment
• Home Water Treatment
• Water Treatment System Maintenance
• Water Conditioning System Installation

• Water Conditioning System Repair
• Water Filtration Systems
• Commercial Water Treatment
• Water Treatment Installations
• And much, much more!

While Hackettstown, NJ complies with the EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards, our pipes and faucets can still leak impurities into our water. From bad tastes and odors to unnecessary minerals, chemicals, and particles, your water may not be as clean and clear as it could be. That is why we offer comprehensive water treatment plans for you and your family.

From water treatment and conditioning to system repairs, choose Northeastern Water Conditioning LLC DBA Rainsoft Providerfor all of your water treatment needs! We offer what water is meant to be.


We are a Rainsoft Premier Provider

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